Learn more about MyGoalPal's features.

Set classroom goals

Parents and teachers work together to choose specific behavioral goals to help children stay on task and follow classroom rules.

Progress monitoring

Teachers can provide immediate feedback on goals. MyGoalPal automatically graphs progress with goals and alerts users to trends.

Customizable reward system

Parents create a home reward menu to celebrate children’s success with goals. When needed, teachers can also provide rewards at school.

Why you should use MyGoalPal?

Based on research

MyGoalPal is based on a Home-School Daily Report Card (DRC), one of the most researched interventions for improving attention and behavior in the classroom.

Free and easy to use!

Using a DRC takes little teacher time. MyGoalPal makes DRC use even easier by eliminating the need for paper copies, reminding teachers to score DRC goals, reminding parents to provide rewards, and alerting users when a change in goals may be necessary.

Fun and engaging for kids!

Positive feedback and rewards help children stay motivated and on-track to meet academic and behavioral goals.

Helpful for many different classroom concerns

DRCs have been shown to be effective for many common classroom concerns including:
  • Academic productivity
  • Following classroom/school rules
  • Peer relationships
  • Teacher relationships
  • Being responsible for belongings and homework

Monitor success over time

  • MyGoalPal’s automatic progress monitoring allows users to make changes to DRC goals to effectively shape behavior over time
  • The progress monitoring system also allows users to track how children are responding to other interventions (e.g., medication, IEP or 504 accommodations)

Increase home-school communication

  • Get immediate, positive feedback about child behavior
  • Catch problems early
  • MyGoalPal allows parents and schools to collaboratively support child success


Free download of our app

MyGoalPal is available on the web, AppStore, and Google Play (coming soon).